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For a company to successfully launch into a new market, a highly targeted and tactical PR programme is essential. As the client had never used PR before it was also vital for Proteus to demonstrate the benefits of PR and how it can be used to differentiate products.

The communications strategy devised had three aims: to raise TiTech’s profile in the UK building on the company’s European reputation; to inform potential customers – who included local authorities, waste management contractors and MRF design engineers – that direct support was now available in this country; and establish the client’s offering as a ‘must-have’ product for Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs).


TiTech is a leading manufacturer of optical sorting systems used in MRFs to separate recyclable materials from co-mingled waste. Scandinavian in origin and with a good reputation worldwide, the company was seeking to establish itself in the UK and had acquired its former distributor as a direct subsidiary in early 2007.

Our role

Our key role was to position TiTech as a world expert on MRF design who were bringing their expertise to what was a fledgling UK MRF market. With a limited initial budget, Proteus devised an intensive, focused period of activity to be implemented over a six month period in the lead up to, and following, the main trade event for the recycling sector. A series of key messages was agreed with the client and this formed the basis of all PR outputs. A list of topics on which TiTech could comment was compiled, together with a Q&A document covering frequently asked questions to enable a swift response to opportunities for contributing comments on industry issues.

Key opportunities for communicating high level strategic messages about TiTech and its expertise were supported by case study illustrations of how the company was helping UK waste contractors to achieve their targets, together with regular news releases on acquisitions and appointments as opportunities arose.



Jonathan Clarke, TiTech UK Managing Director, says: “TiTech has never used PR before and we weren’t sure what to expect, but the impact on our business has been significant. Proteus generated some superb media coverage, which directly boosted sales opportunities. A number of customers have referred to stories in the press as a reason for contacting TiTech.”