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In order to ensure that the UK hit its 2008 steel packaging recycling target through greater awareness of steel packaging recycling, Corus Steel Packaging Recycling (CSPR) required a robust and effective communications programme to reach its target audiences. Proteus’ role was to devise a programme which promoted the environmental benefits of steel recycling and increased awareness and understanding to encourage target audiences to participate in recycling initiatives.


Corus Steel Packaging Recycling is the UK’s centre of technical and communications expertise on steel packaging recycling. A key role of CSPR is to provide local authorities, waste management companies and community groups with advice and information on setting up cost-effective steel packaging recovery schemes.

Our role

With the achievement of CSPR’s objectives in mind, Proteus’ communications programme involved media relations activity, targeted stakeholder dialogue, event participation and support, and the development of communications materials for target audiences.



John May, Manager, Corus Steel Packaging Recycling says “Proteus has helped up develop a focused strategic communications programme to achieve our overall objective of raising awareness of steel packaging recycling among our target audiences. Their practical advice on promoting and supporting the significant number of local, regional and national recycling projects we are involved in has also been of tremendous value. The results of the programme speak for themselves.”