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Next stop Kuala Lumpur for Proteus Environmental MD Paul Davison

10 September 2014

The Renewable Energy World Asia conference on alternative energies is attended by visitors from more than 70 countries. Paul Davison, Managing Director of Proteus Environmental, based in Hong Kong, will be joining leading industry experts at this year’s event and addressing the conference on the complex relationship the public has with energy from waste technologies.

Paul will be discussing Energy from Waste (EfW) technology, focusing on its evolution and how to gain public acceptance and support for new developments, given the current public perception of this technology. Drawing on his 20 years’ experience, Paul is a regular speaker at international conferences, including the Institute of Civil Engineers in Hong Kong earlier this year, and shares his knowledge on the issues regarding communications within the EfW sector.

Speaking from Kuala Lumpur, Paul says “The waste management infrastructure in several Asian cities, such as Hong Kong, is in need of an upgrade due to rapid population growth and increasing desire to avoid landfill. One possible solution to deal with this issue is EfW, as it is effective and can be a reliable energy producer. However, managing the public’s reaction to energy from waste technologies is extremely important as perceptions of the technology can lead to opposition.  This can, in turn, cause delays, increase cost and impact on the final delivery of essential waste management infrastructure.”

Renewable Energy World Asia conference is co-located in partnership with Power gen Asia and Power gen Asia Financial Forum.  Taking place over three days, Wednesday 10 September to Friday 12 September 2014 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, the speaker line-up includes leaders from a number of South East Asia’s pre-eminent energy organisations.

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