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Proteus and the Dragon

Proteus in Greek mythology was a god of the sea, he could change his shape to beat his enemies and could foretell the future – but only to people who captured him.   So he was a great and adaptable sought after advisor.

The Proteus logo builds on this maritime connection, and comes from the maritime flag communications system for K Kilo and means ‘I wish to communicate with you’, except we have reversed it to mean – ‘You, our clients, wish to communicate’.

Proteus has worked in environmental communications around the world for almost 20 years.  Part of our ethos is to understand the behaviours, motivation and culture of our audiences.  This brings up an interesting demonstration of the need to be an adaptable advisor.  As Proteus moves into Hong Kong to target the Pacific Rim and Asia specifically, we have decided to use the Dragon as a symbol of our understanding of our approach.

In western culture, the dragon is seen as a bad thing, a feared adversary that needs to be conquered.  While in Chinese folklore, Dragons are symbols of auspicious power which can be a very good thing indeed, bringing good luck or good fortune – for those who are worthy.  The subtle differences are important for effective communications.

Let’s hope that the Proteus Dragon does well in Asia, being born in the ‘Year of the Horse’ – the Chinese zodiac character associated with ingenious communicating techniques!